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“Michael and Greg have helped me lose 125+ pounds and for the first time ever, I believe I can maintain my lifestyle change.” –Renee

Welcome to Novo Wellness

Diets don’t equal weight loss.

There are more fad diets and weight loss schemes out there than ever before, yet more people are overweight and painfully out of shape than at any other time in history.

There are simple solutions that have been proven over and over again to reduce obesity and the diseases that come with it.  Straight forward changes that make a lasting and sustainable difference.

Let us show you how.  Click here to learn more.

Ayurveda & Weight Loss

I first learned about Ayurveda in 1997, just as I was beginning my work at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center. While I was intrigued at how it could help people find balance, and in doing so, lose weight, I was mostly curious to learn more for myself. And now, nearly twenty years later, I’m certain that […]

New Year’s Resolve

                  As the New Year approaches, many people are contemplating the resolutions they’ll make. Something about the calendar turning from one year to the next brings out the desire to turn over a new leaf. And yet, most of these resolutions don’t make it past Valentine’s Day. […]

A Client Shares Her A-Ha! Insights

This week we are sharing some key A-Ha! moments that a client has experienced on her journey toward sustainable, healthy behaviors. Thanks to Heidi M for her willingness to describe what has helped her make change possible. Stopping All-or-Nothing Thinking and Diet Mentality I stopped starting all diet actions on Mondays. In fact, I stopped […]

Time for an A-Ha! Moment

“A-Ha!” That just about says it all. It’s the easiest way to say: “That’s the insight I needed!” “A-Ha!” sums up how we feel right now. In the last year and a half, we have been working on the faculty for Wellcoaches, Inc, and training other health professionals to become wellness coaches. In our journey […]