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The expert approach to weight loss increases your client’s resistance to change.


People don’t resist change. They resist being changed. — Peter Senge


There are more diet and exercise programs than ever before.  And yet, the prevalence of obesity continues to increase.

Up until now, too much focus has been placed on the expert approach, telling people what to eat and how to exercise. The problem, however, is that diet plans and exercise programs – even healthy and effective ones — are just tools in a toolbox.  And this focus on tools has led our clients to believe that if they just have the right diet or the perfect workout, they’ll be able to shed the weight and keep it off once and for all. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Having the most expensive hammer doesn’t make a great carpenter.  And clearly, having the perfect diet plan or exercise program doesn’t make a person thin.


What if we stopped throwing rules and tools at people, and instead, we taught people how to change their thinking so they could live a healthy lifestyle?


In 2011, registered dietitian Greg Hottinger, MPH, RD and exercise physiologist Michael Scholtz, MA combined their 35 years of experience in coaching overweight clients to write the book Coach Yourself Thin: Five Steps to Retrain Your Mind, Reclaim Your Power, and Lose the Weight for Good (Rodale Press, 2012).

The book is a radical departure from the typical expert approach which can increase resistance by making clients feel interrogated, talked down to, and judged.  Instead, it presents a clear framework for lasting changes using concepts and strategies from the field of wellness coaching.

In order to achieve sustainable weight loss, your clients have to create a lifetime of healthy living. To do this, they need to understand how everything — eating, exercise, thoughts and feelings — works together. And a coaching approach is exactly what you need to help your clients bring these important aspects to bear through creating expansive visions, finding personal motivators, and setting goals that are appropriate to their stage of change.

In addition to coaching methods and strategies, you will learn about the common obstacles encountered by overweight clients and the powerful thinking shifts that are necessary for weight loss success.

In this course you will learn from the success Greg and Michael have experienced in both their private coaching practice and in coaching people online at the Biggest Loser Club for the past 6 years.  When you use the tools that Greg and Michael share, you will:

  • Learn how to experience and to offer your clients empathy, the first building block of change
  • Build trust in the relationship you have with your clients and and help them build self-efficacy — the belief that they CAN change
  • Teach your clients to be intuitive instead of reliant on strict rules and deprivation
  • Help your client to develop the resiliency to stick to healthy changes

Intro to Coach Yourself Thin self-study CEU course

It’s time that we help our clients get off of the diet roller-coaster and help them develop the skills they’ll need to achieve lasting results. This fun and interactive course will help you help your clients to develop a healthy lifestyle that will stick with them for years to come.

NOTE: 5 Essential Skills for Facilitating Sustainable Weight Loss self-study CEU course requirements are met after reading Coach Yourself Thin and passing the online test. Once you pass the test, you’ll be able to print out a completion certificate that reflects the following credits detailed below.


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