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Group Coaching

We offer group coaching for individuals and businesses.

• Does your group share a common agenda such as wanting to lose weight, train for a race, or support each other with a new eating plan?

• Or do you have different goals, but want to be connected to your group and benefit from the lower cost and instant peer support that group coaching offers?

Either way, we can help.

Our group coaching programs are designed in 12-week blocks:

Weeks 1–2: Individual – Vision Building

Once a group is created and ready to get started, we meet with each member individually during an initial 2-week “vision building” period. In addition to individual coaching sessions, each member will have access to resources that help set the stage for changing behaviors, optional exercises designed to help you prepare for the weeks to come, and a place to meet and chat with other members of the group online.

Weeks 3–10: Group Coaching

For 8 weeks, we meet at a pre-designated time to work on the topic of the week based on the needs of the group. We will provide coaching to support members in moving forward in areas of importance and readiness.

Weeks 11–12: Individual – Next Steps

We spend the final 2 weeks of the program doing individual coaching sessions to assist members in getting clear on the next steps of their change journey. Members are still connected and supported by the group online.

4 – 6 members; $450 per person
7 – 10 members; $350 per person
11 – 20 members; $300 per person

* includes 2 individual sessions (60 minutes), 8 weekly classes (60 minutes), access to private Facebook group

Contact: for more information