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We Help Your Business Have Healthy and Productive Employees

The science shows that healthier employees are more productive employees.  We are an educational resource that will help your employees translate knowledge about healthy living into action that is long-term and sustainable.

We have a developed a program around our popular book Coach Yourself Thin that will have measurable and lasting impact on the health of your employees and the bottom line for your business.


We Provide the Community and Expertise That Gets Results

Most people are trying to live a healthier life, but the missing piece of the puzzle is support. We can create an online environment where employees can safely and comfortably receive and give support on a daily basis.   We also provide professional wellness coaching to answer important questions about weight loss and healthy living as well as help with overcoming obstacles to change, setting effective goals and maintaining motivation.

Group Coaching

We offer group coaching for businesses. More information on Group Coaching

To discuss other ideas on how we can provide your company with these tools of lasting change, contact us: or 828-242-1385 or 303-579-6419