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NOVO Wellness is committed to leading the way toward real and lasting changes in the ways that we look at health, nutrition and physical activity. We support public and private organizations that are working for real solutions for our skyrocketing health problems.

The obesity epidemic has become the number one health problem in the United States and others living a Western lifestyle. Blame it on the way we eat, our sedentary lifestyle, or our stressful schedules; whatever the case, the result is that obesity shortens our lives, drains us of gratification, and is responsible for an escalating health care crisis.

Our vision is a world where people have regained control of their health.

Despite the ongoing popularity of diets, most efforts to lose weight are short-lived and characterized by quick weight loss, rebound weight gain, and a growing frustration. Even though we spend billions of dollars on diets, pills, exercise equipment, and gym memberships, we are unable to slow the epidemic – rather, we are getting heavier at a dramatically fast rate.

The good news is that the diet culture is changing. More and more doctors, clients, and patients are realizing that weight loss “shortcuts” and “quick fixes” do not produce lasting results. The emerging new paradigm is one that is more whole person centered, self-aware, and balanced. Evidence of this shift includes:

  • More wellness coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, and therapists are hired to help individuals reach their health goals.
  • A growing number of advocacy groups are working to protect our rights to hike, bike, climb, and paddle
  • Healthier fast-food options are becoming increasingly available
  • Vending machines are starting to include healthier options in some places
  • More farmer’s markets now sell locally grown foods
  • The number of natural food stores and grocery stores selling organically produced foods is growing
  • Healthier lunch and snack options are being offered by some schools
  • The number of bike lanes and greenways are on the rise
  • Many restaurants are offering more “heart-healthy” menu items

Since 2001, NOVO Wellness has been a strong proponent of these positive trends, but we believe that these changes are just the tip of the iceberg. We’re ready for the next wave of changes that push the edge of what’s possible.

How will this transformation occur?

Our vision is that the shifts that have already begun will become fully integrated into society at large, at home and in the work place. What will drive this integration is a synergy between a corporate America that values healthy employees and individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices. We will realize that a major attitude shift is necessary and with it will come greater work efficiency, lower health care costs, and happier individuals. And with this attitude shift, we will start reversing the obesity epidemic.

  • Healthier eaters and regular exercisers are rewarded by lower insurance premiums and cash rebates.
  • Healthy choices at fast-food restaurants and in vending machines are the norm.
  • Restaurants serve appropriate sized portions and offer full nutritional information on all menu items.
  • Consumers are more food conscious, making selections based on the freshness and taste of the food, as well as where and how it is produced. With this shift, individuals enjoy spending more time preparing and eating healthy food.
    • School children and company employees are allowed more time to eat lunch in ways that promotes mindful eating, good digestion and appropriate portions.
    • People nourish their bodies with food instead of using it to cope with stress, fatigue, sadness, and other emotions.
    • People are more positively connected to food; this is evident by an increase in gardening and more emphasis on consuming fresh and local quality foods that are in season.
  • To-go and convenience foods are sold using biodegradable packaging.
  • Employers encourage flextime for employees to exercise and participate in activities they find nurturing and enjoyable.
    • Employers work with insurance companies and employees to help make wellness, life coaching, fitness training, and nutrition education, readily available and affordable for all employees.
    • People are moving their bodies more often and in ways that support a functionally fit lifestyle, such as using stairs, walking or riding bicycles as transportation, and participating in sports and recreational endeavors as part of their everyday activities.
  • Health care costs for individuals and companies are reduced dramatically.

Imagine These Scenarios

Your Company Takes The Initiative (part 1)

A company takes an innovative approach to improving the “health culture” of its workplace. Instead of putting up another nutrition bulletin board, it hands out a wellness survey to its employees about possible changes to make in the workplace. The six most popular ideas, the survey indicates, will be selected and implemented.

There is an immediate “buzz” of interest from the employees as they identify their top six choices:

  • 1) Flex time given to employees – this means that employees may start their workday at 8:00 am or as late as 9:30 am and end it at 4:30 pm or as late as 6:00 pm. All meetings are scheduled no earlier than 9:30 am and no later than 3:30 pm.
  • 2) No more lunchtime meetings. The lunch hour is for employees to spend however they wish.
  • 3) All employees can join a nearby gym for only $10 per month. The remainder is subsidized by the employer.
  • 4) No junk foods are welcome in the office during Monday to Thursday. Instead, a fruit bowl with quality apples, bananas, oranges, and other seasonal fruits will be available to all employees and maintained by the employer.
  • 5) Another refrigerator is added to the break room for employee use.
  • 6) All employees are entitled to a 15-minute “sun break” or “time-out” each day to sit outside or walk around the worksite premises.
Now You Take The Initiative (part 2)

Sarah gets up at her normal time and decides to ride her bike to work. The new bike paths have made her commute more enjoyable given the traffic jams that she avoids, and surprisingly turns out to be just a little longer than her driving commute. Her workplace has locker facilities with showers, making it much easier for her to integrate regular exercise into her normal workday. As a result, she arrives at work feeling refreshed and relaxed.

After an energetic and productive start to the morning workday, she takes a 10-minute walking break to clear her head before preparing for a meeting. She sits in the garden outside for a few minutes and soaks in the sunshine to recharge her energy, returns to her desk for final preparations and is off to the meeting. During the meeting she is on top of her game, alert and creative. She feels good about the work she does and it shows through in her presentation to the new customer.

Afterward she’s off to the cafeteria where lunch is served each day. Sarah looks forward to the special of the day: Grilled wild salmon, organic broccoli, and brown rice with toasted pecans. She notices how easy it is for her to eat a healthy lunch and feel satisfied with the cafeteria food; some of the satisfaction comes from knowing that her employer places a high priority on providing quality food to her and her co-workers, making it free to all full-time employees.

Sarah is on flextime and opts to work an hour later than normal on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, freeing up an hour after lunch so she can attend a personal development class. On Mondays she attends a women’s support group. On Fridays, she does a yoga class. Today is Wednesday and she gets to choose between a Mediterranean cooking class or a creative writing class.

During the afternoon, Sarah goes to the break room that is stocked with fresh fruit, chopped vegetables, and a salad cart brought up from lunch. With a cup of hot tea and fresh fruit, Sarah feels refreshed and returns to work. This lifts her energy for the rest of the afternoon and she makes a creative breakthrough on a new project. She ends the day looking forward to what tomorrow holds in store.

She leaves work on time and stops by the fitness facility that is offered free to her by her employer. It’s just down the street from her work. She works with a trainer to hone her technique on the climbing wall. She and her husband are taking an active vacation this year and have enrolled in a guided rock climbing trip. Having this trip on the horizon helps her stay motivated to stick with her regular cardio and strength workouts so she’ll be in great shape when the time comes.

Before she leaves the gym her husband calls and asks if she can pick up dinner on the way home. She decides to cycle by a local burrito shop that uses quality ingredients, many of which are locally grown, and she takes her order to go.

As more of us embrace this new attitude of what is possible, the obesity epidemic will soon be a problem of the past!

Imagine how this shift would trickle down into the communities, creating change in parks, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and restaurants, and on streets and sidewalks of our nation.

Now imagine how these key workplace changes could dramatically transform the health of employees in your company and your community!

NOVO Wellness is ready for this monumental shift in how we relate to food and physical activity and the abundance it will create – are you? Learn more about What We Do.